Cookie policy of the Pinotti Sauro website

This policy must be consulted together with the privacy policy of the Pinotti Sauro website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that Pinotti Sauro websites can create on the device you are using to browse. The purpose of cookies in general is to store and transport information. This is useful both for companies which, for example, can measure the use of their sites by users, and for users of the sites, allowing them, for example, to set their personal browsing preferences (eg choice of tongue).

Pinotti Sauro’s policy on the use of cookies mainly includes:

  • unsystematic and generalized use but limited exclusively to specific circumstances and purposes;
  • information to users of cookies used and collection of informed consent when necessary.

Pinotti Sauro uses cookies on its sites mainly to make your browsing experience better. For example: if you have visited a page of our sites by customizing it and you want it to be returned to you on your next visit as you set it, this is possible thanks to a cookie.
If you want to shop and fill the cart but have to leave the session or turn off the computer, the next time you visit the products you put in the cart you will find them still there as you left them. This is possible thanks to a cookie. Pinotti Sauro cannot, through cookies, trace any of your personal information (e.g. name, surname, email) if you are not providing them directly. Furthermore, another website cannot use a cookie issued by the Pinotti Sauro website to access other information contained on your computer. Once saved on your computer, the cookie can only be read by the website that created it.

If you continue reading, you will discover that Pinotti Sauro sites use different types of cookies. Some of these are essential for the site to function, others are not. In any case, remember: you have the possibility, at any time, to set the browser on your computer to accept all cookies, only some, or to reject them completely.

What cookies do we use?

We use strictly necessary or cd. “Technical”: these cookies are essential to navigate the site you are visiting and use some features. Without these cookies some online services that you request (eg access to restricted areas, use of the virtual cart, etc.) cannot be provided. With this type of cookie we do not collect any of your personal information and therefore we can never and in any way identify you.

If you want to know the characteristics of the cookies used on our Site, we invite you to consult the technical data table below.

Site developed with CMS WordPress 5.2.3 which provides only technical cookies (strictly necessary).
E-commerce implementation through WooCommerce.
Font script: Font Awesome, Google Font API, Ionicons.
Google analytics which is instantiated only if the user allows it.
Social Media Links: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.
Google Maps implementation (without user geolocation).
We foresee future implementation of a newsletter system with authorized data collection through the MailChimp platform.

Do you want to refuse and block cookies?

Most internet browsers are initially set up to accept cookies automatically. This means that you have the option, at any time, to set your browser to accept all cookies, only some, or to reject them, disabling their use by the sites. Furthermore, you can normally set your browser preferences in order to be notified every time a cookie is stored on your computer. Finally, at the end of each browsing session, you can delete the cookies collected from the hard drive of your device. If you want to delete the cookies installed in the cookie folder of the browser used, remember that each browser has different procedures for managing settings.

By selecting the links below you can get specific instructions for some of the major browsers.

Microsoft Windows Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Mozzilla Firefox:

Apple Safari:

If you do not want to receive Google Analytics cookies, you can do so by connecting to the page:

If you want to know more about cookies in general, visit the page:

If you want to know more about behavioral advertising, visit the page:

If you want to know more about cookie di Google Analytics, visit the page:

If you want to know more about Criteo, visit the page:

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