From Pasqualino to Gaia:
three generations
of artisans

The journey began in 1963 in Forte dei Marmi,
where Pasqualino Pinotti became an important figure
in one of the most famous markets in Italy, thanks to the quality
produced. Pinotti is still known for the high quality
of its production, as Elisabetta, Gaia and Simone
continue the tradition which has become a brand.
Pinotti tradizione storica cashmere
Pinotti Cashmere Produzione

My father began with gloves, umbrellas and leather items: timeless historic pieces of Tuscan artisanship.

Over the years, the Pinotti family has expanded its product range, specialising first of all in python-skin handbags and, since the 1990s, in cashmere accessories and sweaters.

Forte dei Marmi, as well as Milan
and Santa Margherita Ligure

In addition to the online store, the python-skin handbags, cashmere accessories and sweaters are also found in three exclusive stores: in Forte dei Marmi in piazza Marconi 89, in Santa Margherita Ligure in via Algeria 1 and in Milan, in a temporary shop open from October to February in corso Garibaldi 42.
Pinotti Shop Negozio

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